I’m so excited to share my latest fashion editorial photographed for issue 5 of Perversion Magazine. If you haven’t heard of Perversion, it’s an amazing local magazine out of Jacksonville, Florida. The team is stellar, kick ass and all around amazing to work with. The concept for this shoot was something of a collaboration. We picked local designer Alexandra Ni to work with. The entire shoot features her newest collection and it’s nothing short of amazing. I wanted to add some edge to the story so we decided to create a custom graphic background to contrast the clothing and models. Speaking of models, we had the opportunity to work with two amazing women Heather Watkins and Sarah Davis both are local Floridians. To round out the creative team local Jacksonville hair stylist Ari Laren joined us along with Amy LaVe’ on makeup. I am so blessed to have worked with such an amazing team of creatives. Thank you to Perversion for the great opportunity!


    Hello Friends! Hope you are all having a great week. I wanted to make a quick announcement to my friends, followers and clients. I have recently begun production of a new series of fine art fashion prints for sale. This idea came from my desire to share my fine art work with more people in my social circle as well as to make art that I would want to hang on my walls. These are all fashion photograph’s taken by me and manipulate in Photoshop to give them the fine art quality I look for in images.

    Being what some would call a millennial, art is something most of us haven’t started collecting yet. Fortunately, my husband had a huge collection of art when I met him (photography, paintings, sculpture, mix-media, and a collection of 400+ skateboards)! I quickly began to realize the importance of starting your own art collection, how it supports your friends, and creates a tangible investment for the buyer.

    With that, I realized that art costs money and most millennials don’t have a lot of it. But…..we have taste, and lots of it. We know what’s cool and what’s not. We have style, drive, passion and dreams….well most of us. I love being apart of such a fearless group of people. I decided to make my art for that person, the one who maybe runs their own fashion business, or has a kickass blog. The one that has taste and cares about their surroundings. Maybe you spend hours pinning on pinterest your perfect dream house. You love wine, yoga, walks in nature and art. You  don’t want to spend a lot on art but you know you’re too cool to buy mass art from Target or Ikea.

    So I’ve created a collection of prints for anyone else who enjoys beauty and fashion. Each print is a limited series, I will print 10 of each. Every print will be numbered and signed by me. And once they are gone, that’s it. I want you to feel like you are getting a piece of something limited and special. Once all the prints have sold, I’ll make more and add them to the site. When you see one or two or three you like, go under the PRINTS tab on my website, fill out the contact form at the bottom with the name of the print(s). And that’s it. I can offer free local delivery to Jacksonville, or calculate shipping for you and add it to your order.

Here are a few images from my collection, so please enjoy and I hope you decide to have one for yourself.


A few months ago I had the honor of working with the newest publication out of northeast Florida called Flamingo Magazine. I received the amazing assignment to photograph Dan Nevins, a decorated war hero and a bilateral below-the-knee amputee. He has built a cult following around the country, not for bravery but for his new found passion for yoga. He shares his passion with people all over the country, teaching classes, speaking in front of thousands and hosting spiritual retreats. He is truly a hero and an amazing person inside and out. The photo shoot was such a pleasure and something I will never forget. Thanks to all who made it possible!

Please take a moment to check out the final story and stop by Dan’s website to see where he will be teaching next!



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